Eve, and A Party

Hmm, should I eat the forbidden fruit, or not....

Why yes, I shall, I will, I am Eve!

                  It's dark by now and we have both lost our minds after 10 hours of doing makeup.
               Although, my (Rhoda) cat eyes and red lipstick do look like they are ready for a party!
                           Too bad that they will be attacked by the makeup remover instead!

This is my dress and belt purchased on Monday. I'm not into all the florals for spring, but I liked this print, especially the color combination.

Yes, I still think my lips want to party!

Rhoda: Dress and Belt - Express, Earrings - old fav's, Bracelets - Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe and Claires, Ring - gifted, Shoes - Express. Gail: Tank Top, Shirt, Belt and Jeans - Express, Necklace - F21, Earrings - old fav's, Shoes - Burlington Coat Factory.

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