Shirt - Express, Jeans - Silver brand from Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Earrings - Lane Bryant, Necklace - Limited, Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelets - NY&CO and H&M, Shoes - BCBG

TGIF! Make it great!


Red, Orange, or Red-Orange...

...that was the argument on what color my pants are. I said orange, Karen said red, hubby said red-orange. And as always, I think hubby is right, again!

Shirt - Express, Jacket - Macy's, Jeans - Gap, Earrings - AE, Necklace - Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Shoes - Steve Madden, Handbag - Michael Kors


Two of my favorite people...

...are my sisters. Last weekend we spent a couple of days with our hubby's visiting wineries in Northeast Ohio. We ate, we drank, we laughed and we repeated those three things (over and over). There is something great about girlfriends, and something even greater about sisters who are your girlfriends.

Marilyn and Karen, I love you! You are both a huge blessing in my life!

Marilyn(on left) - Jeans and Tee - Express, Jacket - JC Penney, Handbag - R Classic Elements (local store).
Myself(center) - Dress - Thrifted, Sweater and Leggings - Express, Boots - Aldo, Handbag - Michael Kors.
Karen(on right) - Skirt, Tee, and Cardigan - Lane Bryant, Scarf - Homespun Treasures (local store), Sandals - Aldo.

One of our favorite winery's is Sarah's Vineyard in Cuyahoga Falls, OH. Visit, taste, drink, and fall in love.



Denim Dress - Charlotte Russe, Sweater and Necklace - Thrifted, Leggings and Shoes - Express,
Earrings - AE,  Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelets - H&M and Charlotte Russe.


Black and Beige

I am in love with my new full skirt I recently got with an Express rewards card. I had been looking for a beige, khaki, or some form of tan skirt, and had not found one that fits me well, till now! Adding my black jacket adds instant polish.

Camisole - Charlotte Russe, Jacket and Skirt - Express, Necklace - Forever 21, Earrings - Premier, Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - DSW

I hope your Monday ROCKS!!!


Dots and Stripes

If you've been following for awhile you know I love all things stripes. Elaine from Clothed Much inspired me to wear my stripes with polka dots and I truly love this outfit. It's my personality in an outfit.

Dress (worn as skirt) - Francescas Collections, Shirt - Forever 21, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Belt and Bracelets - NY&CO, Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Express

Consider this your Saturday post and...
Have a fabulous weekend!!!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors

Shirt - Forever 21, Cardigan - Loft, Vest - Charlotte Russe, Jeans - vs.com, Scarf, Shoes, and Yellow Bracelet - Express, Bracelets - NY&CO, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Watch - Michael Kors



Patrick Burns goes from Harley to Hot!

Wilma Mast organized a Night of Transformation at NewPointe Community Church for the 100+ mentors there. Patrick, who is one of the lead mentors, was asked (and so graciously accepted) to be the guest of honor as an example of spiritual transformation. To make the night even more fun Patrick was asked if he would be willing to undergo a physical transform also!  That is where I was called in to help. 

Here is his "BEFORE".

I was asked to transform Patrick's wardrobe for the evening. I met with him prior, to get an idea of what style he likes. I shopped, he tried on, he looked great! 

 Autumn from Dexterity cut 10 inches of his hair off, colored it a wonderful neutral brown, making him look 15 years younger!

Patrick has undergone supernatural inner transformation through the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Patrick parties in celebration of his new life, everyday.

Myself, Patrick, and Wilma

Patrick and Wilma

Patrick has become a friend. He is a gentle and kind individual who loves Jesus Christ and people.

Don't you love that clean neckline!

Patrick's shirt and jeans are from Express, shoes are from DSW.

May you be open to transformation, whether spiritual or physical, and may the Son always shine on you!


White jeans for fall

Button Up - Express, Sweater - Thrifted, Sleeveless Trench - Forever 21, Jeans - NY&CO,
Necklace - Homespun Treasures (local store), Earrings - Premier Designs,
Watch and Handbag - Michael Kors, Shoes - Ross

I love my white jeans and have worn them all summer long. The question is always, how long after labor day can I wear them? Wearing them with layers, darker colors, and doing a more substantial shoe (instead of your summer sandals) makes white jeans more appropriate for Fall.

As always, have fun with your wardrobe!


Don't judge a shirt on the hanger

Say hello to my client and dear friend Amy. Last week I was in her closet, wardrobing (a service where I am in your closet for however long you want me to be, making lots of "new" outfits of what you already have), when I pulled out this shirt dress we purchased while shopping together. When I originally popped into the fitting room with it she looked at me like I was crazy! My response "don't judge it on the hanger".

It was her idea to show you how drastically different you can make an article of clothing look by simply adding layers and accessories. So here is the shirt by itself. Not very flattering!

Ta-da! Here is the shirt all dressed up! Very flattering and super cute!

Shirt Dress - Limited, Jacket - Loft, Belt, Leggings and Earrings - Forever 21, Sandals - DSW

Amy, thanks for sharing. You are awesome!


Pin It

Dress (worn as skirt) - Francesca's, Denim Button Up - Madewell, Earrings - Express,
Necklace - AE, Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Sperry's,
Flower Pin - Local Talent (my son's duct tape business, yes, it's made from duct tape)

May your week be sunny!


I believe...

and love everything Cori says in her post from yesterday. It is what I try to live out and teach my clients. She nails it when it comes to knowing yourself and your personal style. I wanted to copy and paste everything (and may still do so for future reference. It is well written) but decided to give her the credit for it. So get yourself over to her blog and enjoy it as much as I do.

You can change yourself only after you know yourself.



Going out

Wilma looks great in her top with a little bit of sheen. Perfect for going out with her hubby or friends.

Wilma is an amazing person who inspires me to be a more compassionate individual. She just loves people, right where they are at. Love is really that simple.

Wilma, Thank you for sharing yourself (and your outfits) with all of us. I truly love and admire you.

Entire outfit is from Lane Bryant.
Wilma said; Because of the time I have spent with Rhoda I now spend less time thinking about how I look and more time thinking about how I can be there for others, which is my passion. 

 My life goal is: Live my life with ridiculous passion and teach others to do the same.  Thank you Rhoda helping me to live out my life goal better on a daily basis.  



Can you tell Wilma loves her DKNY jeans from Lane Bryant?! She only has this one pair and has literally worn them to death (almost). It goes to show what happens when you have a pair of jeans that make you feel like a million dollars! It's much better to have one pair of jeans (that might be more expensive), that make you feel amazing (and make your tush look great!) than to have five inexpensive pair that you really don't like and are unflattering. Price per wear is where it's at. Think about it.

We took an old necklace she never wears and twisted it into her scarf as added interest to her outfit. Her bracelet is simply an old necklace we tied onto her wrist. This girl has some great jewelry she wasn't utilizing.

Chunky and Striped

Sweater and Earrings - Express, Jeans and Bracelets - NY&CO, Necklace - Vanity (I bought two of the same short necklaces and made it into one long one), Shoes - BCBG (have had them for about 6 years)

Happy Friday!


Brunch Time

Does this not look like the perfect outfit for a lovely brunch? Wilma has had this top in her closet for quite some time and had yet to wear it. I think maybe it's the whole "I don't like print" thing. I put it with this bright sweater (she hated the sweater when she first saw it) and she loved the combination. She sent me a picture of herself in the outfit going to breakfast with her best friend. Mission accomplished!

Top, Sweater, and DKNY Jeans - Lane Bryant, Ring - Gift, Shoes - Payless


Floral Fun

Wilma looks fabulous in her thrifted top and DKNY jeans from Lane Bryant. Yesterday I mentioned that Wilma does not like pink. Well she's not fond of prints either unless it's an animal print. I have come to the conclusion if I add a bright color to a print she ends up loving it. It goes to show you, you should never look at a top/shirt as just that. Add accessories to make it you. Love what you wear or don't wear it! (Although Wilma will tell you, I have bought things for her that originally she didn't like and they are now her favorites)

Wilma said; Rhoda put it all together for me.  For me having am image consultant is about being the best me I can be. 

Yellow Belly

I wore this to work in a client's closet yesterday. After moving around a bit I ended up putting knee length leggings with it before heading out the door. So then I didn't have to worry every time I bent over.

I am loving on my yellow belt I forgot I had since it was buried in a bin of stuff I had put away. Yeah, sometimes it pays to look through containers that have been sitting for awhile. I like that it feels like I have something new!

Dress - H&M, Belt - No idea (I found it in the back of my closet when cleaning out!), Necklace - Premier Designs, Bacelets - NY&CO and Charlotte Russe, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Sandals - Steve Madden

Have a super day!