Linen Dress Remix

This is another one of my favorite dresses I got at a local boutique (Berlin Village Gift Barn). It came with a little rope belt, which I have never worn. I almost always switch out self belts for ones I have in my closet. Personally, I think it adds more personality. But hey, that's just me.

Anyway, by now the kids, hubby, and I should be done spending time with Mickey Mouse and his crew, and be in Sarasota hanging out with my parents, Gail and her family, and some in-laws! I get to stay for another week and a half! Whoop, Whoop!!!

I will resume regular posting next week from my sunny location.
Have a great weekend!


Yellow Cardigan Remix

What do you think...do we love our yellow cardigans or what!
Gail and I both have a yellow cardigan that's very similar in style. As you can tell, we wear them with everything. It adds an instant pop of color to your outfit. Enough said!


Tank Dress Remix

This is quite possibly the simplest dress ever! Again, I try and wear most of my wardrobe year round. I have also worn this with a bright tank top under it, simple accessories, and flats. At times it doubles as a bathing suit cover up. Versatility at it's finest!


Maxi Dress Remix

I had this dress in my closet for awhile, never wore it, gave it to a friend (I think she wore it once), I asked for it back (yes, you can do that!), and have been wearing it since.
The first time I wore it (with the denim jacket) I still felt like it was a bit much fabric for me. Therefore, it was time for some alterations! I took the bodice off the skirt, took about 3 inches off on each side of the skirt and reattached it to the bodice. As you can see in the second photo, it's not as full which makes it a little sleeker.
If you don't sew, find yourself a great tailor, it can revitalize your wardrobe!


Black Shirt Remix

This oversize black shirt from Express is sheer and so easy to wear. As with everything in my closet, I try to wear it in all seasons.


Lease on Life

And here is another dress with a new lease on life, all due to the shorter leggings. Would I wear this dress by itself? Absolutely! On a date or hanging out with my girlfriends, but not to work. I guess I'm the type that would prefer not everyone sees everything when I sit or if it gets a bit breezy.

Dress - Express, Leggings - F21, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Bracelet and Belt - NY&CO, Sandals - Steve Madden

Happy Monday!!!
The rest of the week I will be posting remixes of outfits Gail and I have worn, as I can prepare in advance. That's right, I will be on vacation, meaning I will either be hanging out with Mickey, floating in the lazy river, or having fun with my family, or perhaps all three. Either way, I plan on doing as little as possible.
See you in a week!


Apparently I like gray...a lot

I love this dress but feel like it's a bit short to wear by itself. I don't like capri length leggings on me because they make me look even shorter than I am. However, these knee length ones are great and still give me a decent leg line. I love them and bought them in a few colors. After all, they were only about $3 at Forever 21! My shorter dresses just got a new lease on life!

Dress - Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Belt - Gift from my mom (Dillards), Leggings - F21,
Earrings - Express, Necklace - AE, Shoes - DSW


Coming Soon...

Shirt and Dress - Express, Earrings - Gift (Made by a client),  Necklaces - H&M and Forever 21,
Bracelet - Made it myself, Shoes - Colin Stuart (VS)

Client Closet of the Month will be here in September 2011!
I have had quite a few requests to see client before and after's, what I do in their closets and the outfits I put together for them. While I would never ask client's to do before and after's I am asking them to do a shoot for me with outfits I put together while "shopping" in their closet.
So, if you are in my local area and are an established client of mine (meaning you have been to the studio for a consultation on Fit, I have "shopped" in your closet, or have shopped with/for you) I NEED YOU!
HERE IS THE PROPOSAL FOR YOU...I will spend two hours in your closet at no cost to you ($140 value) in exchange for you posing in 6 - 10 outfits for my Facebook page and blog. Client Closet of the Month will then be born! Shoot me an email, leave a message here, send me a text, or call me and I will get you on my schedule. I am looking forward to this!!!
email - rhoda@rigandco.com, text - 330-231-5859, call me - 330-893-4902

If you are not local and would like to participate, let me know and I would be happy to include you if and when I am in your area.

Here are the rules:
This will be based on a first response basis. I will schedule out 6 months at a time. Therefore the first six clients to respond will be on for the next six months starting in September 2011. The month I schedule you in will depend on my schedule as well as yours. These appointments wiil be done on weekdays only. If you are on my schedule and need to cancel for any reason the next person on the waiting list will have the option of taking your appointment. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy, Happy Friday!



Tank Top - Gap, Cardigan - Loft, Pants - VS, Necklace - AE, Bracelets - H&M and Charlotte Russe,
Ring - Gift, Earrings - Don't Remember, Sandals - Aldo


93 degree heat

I am loving this hot weather! Call me crazy but I would much rather be hot than freezing my tush off. It calls for thin knits and simple outfits. I feel like I'm starting to wear a uniform of shorts, tees, and tops. Actually, I don't have a problem with that, that's what summer is all about, right?!

Tee - AE, Camisole and Shorts - Limited, Earrings - Don't remember, Watch - Michael Kors,
Sandals - Blowfish (DSW), Sunglasses - Mall Vendor


Pretending...and my legs are blue

Pretending I recently wore this when actually I wore it to work a few months ago when I was in Florida. I get to go back in a week with my family for vacation! First up is Disney and then on to my parent's house for a week and a half! Can you feel my excitement!!!

I'm also realizing how long and "big" my hair was, and how super, amazingly pale I was. Not that I'm much different in color now. Oh well...

Dress - H&M, Belt - Express, Tights - Hue, Earrings - Don't remember (really old),
Bracelets - H&M and Charlotte Russe, Ring - Gift, Shoes - from my mom's closet.

Hoping you have a fabulicious week!


Say hello to Vanessa

Vanessa, my niece, is wearing a simple printed dress with a short sleeve cardigan and sandals for a great Spring/Summer look.
Dress - Vanity, Cardigan - Charlotte Russe, Sandals - DSW

The same dress...switching out the short sleeves for a sweater makes a great Fall outfit. She could simply add boots for Winter.
Sweater - Forever 21
Thanks for posing Vanessa. You are beautiful!




Yesterday, at the end of Karen's work day she still had the energy to strike a few poses for me. At first she's all proper because that's what you're supposed to do, right? After that she's just being herself. That's the Karen I love! Thanks Karen, you look great, as always!

Skirt - Lane Bryant, Graphic Tee - Pac Sun, Cardigan - Express, Shoes - Aldo


Neon and Pearls

Tank Top and Skirt - Loft, Jacket - VS, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Necklace - Made it myself, Bracelets - NY&CO,
Sandals - Gift (Steve Madden)

I love this skirt from the Loft. However, when I first tried it on it sat lower than I wanted it to, even though it was a size smaller than what I normally wear. Also, the lining was too tight, therefore making it rather ill fitting. I loved the skirt enough to do something about all of this, plus I had a rewards card so I got it for $0!
I cut the lining out and now wear a slip with it (it's pretty sheer in real life). I also put 4 darts in the waistband to create a more flattering fit.
Lesson in all of this? Don't judge an article of clothing the first time you try it on. Ask yourself...How much do I love this, and, is it worthwhile having tailored.

Happy shopping, tailoring, and hump day!


Nude Swings

Shirt, Earrings, and Bracelet - Express, Vest - Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Shorts - Limited, Necklace - Made it myself, Sandals - Mother's Day Gift (Steve Madden)


Coral Reef

Shirt and Shorts - Express, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Bracelets - NY&CO and Claires,
Watch - Michael Kors, Ring - Gift, Sandals - Aldo, Handbag - Homespun Treasures (local store)

Hoping you have a great monday and a super week!


Blue Skies

Dress - Loft, Cami and Vest - Limited, Ring - Gift, Necklace - NY&CO, Earrings - AE,
Shoes - Bandolino (DSW)

May your weekend be filled with blue skies and lots of laughs!



Dress - Lane Bryant, Cardigan - Express, Earrings and Bracelet - Wendell August (local store),
Shoes - Aldo

This is simple and elegant at it's best. A sheath dress and cardigan is really the quickest way to look put together, with no thought process involved. (Karen's perfect wardrobe!)
The number one thing I hear from clients is this; I want to look good without having to think about it to much. Well, this is one way to do it! One the other hand, looking good does take some time. But, once you have a basic wardrobe that fits well and compliments your personality and lifestyle there is less to think about and it simplifies your life.
During a 4 hour shop a client says to me "I didn't know looking effortless took this much effort!" Priceless! Since then she has mentioned how it has simplied getting dressed in the morning due to that initial shopping trip. 
Spend some time in your closet, don't overthink it, and have some fun with it! 

Happy Friday!!!



Dress - Asos, Vest - Express, Necklace and Flower Pin - Made it myself,
Earrings - Don't Remember (very old), Bracelet - NY&CO, Sandals - Aldo


Fresh Color

Dress - Loft, Scarf - Express, Short Necklace and Earrings - AE, Long Necklace and Bracelet - Made it myself, Watch - Michael Kors, Ring - Gift, Sandals - Aldo