Llittle black dress gone casual

Dress - Victorias Secret, Denim Jacket - Thrited (Gap), Scarf - Express, Earrings - AE, Watch - Michael Kors, Tights - Hue (also available at Macy's and Dillards), Boots - Aldo, Lips - Teaberry.

This dress has been in my closet for at least 4 years. A simple black knit dress can be very boring on it's own. Layering and accessorizing it can make it feel new and fun. It's simply about looking at a piece of clothing as a "building block" instead of an outfit.

I hope you have a fun Monday!


Perfect Saturday

Long Sleeve Tee, Jeans, and Earrings - Express, Cardigan - Gap, Scarf - Pac Sun, Shoes - Madden Girl from DSW.

This is the perfect "it's sunny but chilly, going out to brunch with girlfriends, going to the movies and pumpkin patch with my kids" Saturday outfit.
I hope your weekend is sunny!


Dark and Moody

Dress - Francesca's, Jacket, Earrings, and Leggings - Express, Necklace - Vanity (I bought two short necklaces and made it into one long one), Boots - Madden Girl from DSW.

Have yourself a great weekend!


Sequins for work

Sequin Tank Top, Cardigan, and Scarf - Express, Jeans - Silver Brand from Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Earrings - AE, Boots - Aldo, Lips - Luxury Gloss in Cosmo

I love how sequins are no longer just for the holidays. I do wear jeans to work occasionally, and what better way to dress them up but with sequins. I suggest if/when you wear sequins to work you keep everything else toned down, including your makeup. You don't want to look like your ready for a night on the town. However, it would be easy to transition from work to going out by simply wearing a brighter lipstick or darkening you eye makeup.

Hope your day is fabulous and full of sparkles.


I dug out my puffy vest

I've had this vest for a few years and don't think I wore it at all last winter. For me, sometimes it's simply about pairing the old with the new to love it again.

Dress - TJ Maxx, Denim Shirt - Madewell, Vest - Buckle, Earrings and Leggings - Express, Necklace - Made it myself, Watch - Michael Kors, Bracelets - NY&CO and H&M, Boots - DSW.


This is how we roll...

...our jeans.

With flats, cuff jeans a bit higher.

Whether your rolling once (on left) or multiple times (on right), with heels, the closer to the shoe, the better.

With fitted ankle boots, keep the cuff right at the top of the boots.

With less fitted ankle boots, you can cuff or simply tuck your jeans in.

Have fun and get rollin'...

Red Velvet

Tank Top - Gap, Jacket, Jeans, and Shoes - Express, Earrings - Forever 21, Necklace - Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Watch - Michael Kors, Lips - Lip Liner in Red Velvet (on entire lip) with Vibran C Lip Tint in Pomegranate.


Pure Gold

Yesterday was a perfect Fall day! Hubby went to the Cleveland Browns game, so after church the kids and I went out to eat and shopping. I am always shopping with and for clients and never seem to find the time to update my kids' clothes, that are too small too quick. Well, they managed to shop for 3 hours and their wardrobes have been updated. Yay for pants that are no longer high waters!
After our shopping excursion we took a drive through the beautiful Kent State campus and stopped to take these pictures. I tried getting the kiddos to pose for pictures. Two pictures later they were back in the car. Seriously?!

Sweater - Thirifted, Skirt - NY&CO, Scarf - Picadilly Circus (local dollar store), Necklace - Made it myself, Earrings - Forever 21, Watch and Handbag - Michael Kors, Bracelets - H&M and Charlotte Russe, Tights - Hue (also available at Macy's and Dillards), Boots - Aldo.

I hope your week is sunny!


Too Bright

These pictures were taken earlier in the week. You know, when the sun actually did try to shine.

Dress, Faux Fur Vest, Leggings, and Bracelet - Express, Watch - Michael Kors,
Necklace - Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Earrings - Forever 21, Boots - Aldo

I love all the fur that is out this year. My vest is from 2 years ago and I plan on wearing it even more than the last two Fall/Winter seasons.
I always say "don't pay for something unless you LOVE it!" I loved this vest and paid about $90 for it. It's two years later, I have worn it a lot, still love it, and plan on wearing it even more. Therefore it was worth paying $90 for it using the "price per wear" concept. This concept is how I purchase most of my wardrobe, and encourage my clients to do the same.

Have a fabulous Friday!



Karen looks fabulous in her dress I found on the clearance rack for about $15. It also included a fun striped sweater she can wear with a lot of different outfits. The uneven hem makes it a little more interesting yet work appropriate.

Dress - Lane Bryant, Cardigan - Express.



Shirt and Jeans - Express, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Necklace - Vanity, Belt and Watch - Michael Kors, Shoes - Aldo


New stripes...

...on my studio wall. I can't wait to show you the finished product. Soon, very soon.

Denim Dress - Charlotte Russe, Jacket, Scarf, and Leggings - Express, Belt and Watch - Michael Kors, Earrings - Homespun Treasures (local store), Rings - Body Central and from my trip to Mexico, Boots - DSW, Lipstick - Micro Voluptuous


Leather and Lace-up


Dress - Asos, Faux Leather Vest - Express, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Link Bracelet - NY&CO, Braided Bracelet - my son made it, Watch - Michael Kors, Tights - Hue (also available at Dillards and Macy's), Boots - Aldo

I wore this outfit last week for a whole day of shopping with clients. Super comfortable, although my feet did hurt after shopping for 10 hours.

Here's a funny story I have to tell you. I stopped at the post office on my way to work, wearing this outfit. There was an elderly woman right inside the door getting her mail. I walk in, she looks me up and down but doesn't acknowledge me, rolls her eyes and mutters "For. Ever!" I was still laughing when I got to my car. I'm wondering what she was thinking. Still laughing.

Have a great monday!


Thank you, Dawn

Dawn looks fantastic in her printed pencil skirt (Loft) and booties (DSW).

Dawn, I want to thank you for sharing yourself and your outfits with everyone this week. I know you were uncomfortable with the idea of posing and having me post these pictures, but it has been wonderful seeing your confidence grow and knowing you love your new look! You are beautiful inside and out. It has been a pleasure working with you (and will continue to be) and helping you define your style. You are truly an amazing individual! 

A fitted leather jacket (Express) can make any outfit elegant.

Dawn said... Last Christmas my husband gave me a gift certificate from Rig & Co. While I was excited to receive it I was also a bit intimidated and maybe a little insecure about working with an image consultant, but my experience with Rhoda was a blast from start to finish!  Rhoda helped me define my style, shop for pieces that accentuate my shape, and put together a fun wardrobe I feel good in. Rhoda put me at ease from the very beginning. She is comfortable with who she is and how God has created her. I've learned that her desire is for everyone she works with to feel that way as well. Thank you Rhoda...working with you I've not only learned more about fashion but I'm learning to be a more comfortable and confident me!


More Classic Pants

Dawn wears her denim shirt again, with dress pants (Loft)! Who would have thought?!
Doing a tan or camel pair of dress pants is usually a lot more flattering than traditional khaki pants (and a lot less manly).

Simplicity with color. A bright "tee" (NY&CO) and a cardigan (Express) is quite possibly the easiest outfit to put together. Take any bright tank or tee and layer with a neutral cardigan (gray, camel, black, white, etc...). Add a scarf (NY&CO) and accessories (Some Dawn has had in her closet forever) to make it feel like you.

This sounds cliche', but, feeling pretty in your clothes will make you feel better about yourself. After every outfit I put together for Dawn, I would ask "Do you feel pretty in this and will you wear this outfit?" If the response was no, it did not get it's picture taken.

Rock out to being yourself!


Classic Black Pants

Classic black pants (Loft) could be worn pretty much every day in most people's world. Not that you should, I'm just saying...super versatile. Dawn is doing a fun ruffled top (Loft) (which is flattering on literally every body) and leather jacket (Express) with snakeskin shoes (DSW).

 Monochromatic dressing can be very elegant. Keep shades as close to the same as possible when doing black on black. Over-accessorizing adds interest and presence to a monochromatic outfit.
 Dawn's floaty button up (Express) is a bit oversize and trendy, yet matches her style because of what she is wearing with it.


Skinny Jeans work for her

Dawn figure looks great in a pair of dark wash skinny jeans (Loft). This is how you do denim on denim. Avoid the "denim suit look" by doing different washes and shades of denim. In other words, DON"T MATCH YOUR DENIM!

Preppy long sleeve tee (Express) toned down with a camel cardigan sweater (Loft), and fun cheetah print Sperry's. And how fabulous is her handbag (Michael Kors)?! A gift from her hubby! I think he should give lessons to all men everywhere!

Have a super Wednesday, and go rock out your denim jackets and shirts!


Simple knit dress

Dawn is rockin' a simple knit dress, which I refer to as "socially acceptable" pj's, as it is quite possibly the most comfortable thing on earth to wear. Above we belted it and added a scarf for added interest. Layering it with a jacket (Loft) and boots (DSW) makes it wearable year round.

Dawn is wearing the dress as a skirt by layering it with a button up shirt (Express). Adding a belt (Wet Seal) gives her waist more definition. Her necklace (Charlotte Russe) and fun red shoes (DSW) are simple, yet stand out.

Dawn, you continue to look amazing!