Pink Petunia

I love Karen's bright, fun skirt. It kind of just makes me want to party! Unfortunately, I have to wait a few days for that. Cheers to the upcoming 3 day weekend!

Skirt and Bracelets - Lane Bryant, Shirt - F21, Cardigan - Express, Shoes - Aldo


Stripes and Dots

Shirt - Limited, Shorts - Express, Vest - Loft, Earrings - Claires, Bracelets - NY&CO, Flower Pin - Made it myself, Sandals - Steve Madden


Red, Red Wine

Dress - Loft, Tube Top - DIY, Scarf - NY&CO, Earrings - Gift (Made by my client and friend, Tonya), Bracelet - Made it myself, Sandals - Alloy


First Time

This simple black dress has been in my closet for probably 4 years. I'm going to admit it's the first time I'm wearing it. (gasp) Why?! I honestly don't know! My mannequin at the studio has worn it multiple times. Ok, let's just pretend she was wearing it for most of those 4 years. Yay, now I'm off the hook. Yes, I will be wearing it more. It's simple, comfortable knit, and could be worn by itself or with every cardigan and jacket in my closet.

I wore this a couple of weeks ago when my mom was here from Florida, so of course, I had to include her.

I realize the boots cut off my leg line and make me appear shorter, but sometimes I simply don't care. I just want to wear what I want to wear. What can I say, at times, for me, TRENDS RULE! A great pair of black flats or sandals would have been just as great. It's about making it your own.

Dress - VS, Camisole - Limited, Jacket - Express, Necklace and Bracelet - NY&CO, Ring - Gift, Earrings - Don't remember, Shoes - Madden Girl, Sunglasses - Mall Vendor


Tube Top DIY

I did this DIY out of simple frustation of wanting some coverage without always wearing a camisole. Also, due to not being able to find a tube top that stays up without squeezing the daylights out of my "girls".

I thoroughly don't like this "camisole under a spaghetti strap dress" look.

Start with a plain, well fitting camisole.

Try it on upside down and make a mark as to how long you want it. I kept mine about 2" below my chest.

Use a ruler or tape measure and mark from the bottom up the same length as your original mark.

Cut along your marked line.

Make your cut all the way through. Now you have a tube top! Wear the hem side at the top. You can still use the actual top as a shorter camisole.

This makes for some coverage in the front without all the extra straps, and the "hey, I'm wearing a camisole" look.

Now you have a camisole free back while still having coverage in the front.

 Good Luck and Happy Weekend!


Snakeskin and Ruffles

Karen makes an appearance in her pencil skirt and divine snakeskin, soft as butter, leather jacket we found in the INC section at Macy's.

Skirt - Lane Bryant, Top - Limited, Jacket - Macy's

A ruffle on top of a ruffle? (gasp!) Relax, it works, as long as you don't have crisp overpowering ruffles competing with each other. But then, if you like that, by all means, rock it. Because it's all about confidence and feeling great in your clothes!


Orange Just Makes Me Happy

Although orange is not the most flattering color on me I love it! Therefore I tend to buy it in bottoms, handbags, and accessories.

This top is super comfy and trendy but veers dangerously close to making me look prego at any given moment. I chose a longer necklace to help with that situation.

When doing floaty tops, keep your bottoms very fitted to avoid looking sloppy.

Skirt, Top, and Sweater - Express, Necklaces - Express and Homespun Treasures (local store), Earrings - Limited, Sandals - Aldo, Sunglasses - Mall Vendor

Every day should be a fun day in your closet!


Cover Me

Top - Loft, Skirt - Express, Sweater - Kensie from Hautelook, Long Necklace - Homespun Treasures (local store), Short Necklace - Don't Remember - Earrings and Bracelet - Charlotte Russe, Shoes - Victorias Secret


Celebrate You

Yesterday I spent the day running errands, one which included seeing Gail off, to go back to Florida. Sorry we don't have any pictures. She was only here for a short time and was not feeling well.

This is honestly about the easiest and most comfortable outfit there is. I do love a graphic tee, and, these shorts, LOVE the fit! I'm always looking for fuller cut shorts that flatter the junk in the trunk, yep, there is quite a bit of that. Bless Jennifer Lopez for making it cool!
Ok, I'm gonna go there...I used to hate my curvy body growing up and would always try to hide everything by wearing oversized clothing, which I now realize only made me look BIGGER! I have since come to the realization that God shaped me like this because it was perfect, for me. I'm not a model, I don't have long twiggy legs, and the perfect flat stomach. After all, my intestines need somewhere to go. My legs may have lumps, my eyebrows don't arch the same, my one eye is smaller than the other, but, I can honestly tell you, I LOVE every part of me exactly the way it is! Why? Because, again, it's perfect, for me!

Graphic Tee (Mother's Day Gift), Cardigan, and Shorts - Express, Earrings - Lane Bryant,
Bracelet - Made it myself, Sandals - Aldo

Celebrate Yourself!!! Give yourself a compliment, you deserve it!
Go forth and be the person God created you to be!


Crisp, Braided, and Full

Shirt and Bracelet - Express, Skirt and Earrings - NY&CO, Watch and Belt - Michael Kors, Necklace - Made it myself with beads from The Bead Cafe and chain from Wal-Mart and Pat Katans, Sandals - Aldo

Hoping today is a great start to your week!



My niece Brooke is remixing a denim skirt I found on the Wal-Mart clearance rack for $3.

A simple tank top, necklace, and flat strappy sandals is an easy, breezy outfit.
She adds a denim jacket (in a denim that does NOT match the skirt, to avoid the "denim suit" look) for added personality.

Skirt - Wal-Mart, Tank Top and Sandals - Thrifted, Leggings - Justice, Jacket - Gabriel Brothers, Necklace and Earrings - Gift

Brooke is wearing a fitted dress as a shirt, by tucking it into her skirt, making it a very versatile piece in her wardrobe.
She adds a sweatshirt that's tailored more like a jacket making it a little less sporty.

Jacket - Pac Sun, Dress (worn as shirt) - F21, Shoes - Gabriel Brothers

Go forth and conquer that closet this weekend! I'm sure you have way more outfits in there than you think.
Happy Saturday!!!



Karen rocks a sparkly top with a bold glass necklace. Her fun color combination looks great with her printed skirt. The outfit is bold, bright, and fun, yet still work appropriate.

Skirt - NY&CO, Shirt - Express, Cardigan, Necklace and Bracelets - Lane Bryant, Shoes - Steve Madden


Feeling Sassy

I got my hair cut short again and it's got me feeling sassy. I know, you're thinking, short again?! Well, long for me is when my hair reaches my eyebrows. And, I've decided it's just not me.

My maxi dress is back, and I'm still loving it!

Dress, Tank, and Vest - Express, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Necklace - Homespun Treasures (local store), Flower Pin - Made it myself, Sandals - Aldo, Sunglasses - Mall vendor