Social Experiment 101

Today was Social Experiment Day.
So, let's just get this out of the way before we start; this was not done to offend anyone, brand, or product. It was simply an experiment.

The idea behind our experiment is to discover whether you really get treated according to how you present yourself with your wardrobe, makeup, and confidence.

Our day started out as two moms who put their kids to school and headed out for a fun day. We headed to the mall in all of our baggy, at home, as we would call it "not past your mailbox" clothes, along with almost no makeup and not quite done hair.

Feeling not so hot, our first stop was a large department store where we headed to the shoe department to see how we would be greeted/received. We quickly got sidetracked at the clearance rack! Gail finds an amazing pair of over the knee boots and discovers there are two right boots. She finds a gentleman and asks for the mate. He briefly looks at her, says "someone must have sold two left boots", turns and walks away. Really! However, we have fun trying on some other great styles. We cruise the rest of the shoe department, acting interested, and weren't offered any assistance at all.

           So, now it's time to hit up the makeup counters... We browse, a few associates look up, say hi,   and continue with what they are doing. Gail finds an eyeliner she likes and asks the associate about it. She explains and Gail asks for assistance in trying it on. While the associate applies, another shopper walks past and compliments Gail on her haircolor.

                            The final result of the applied eyeliner is uneven and smudged. However,
                                      the color is fun and bright. Gail thanks her and we move on.


Rhoda finds an associate at another counter who asks if she can help us. Rhoda asks for suggestions on how to make her brows appear fuller and more even. The associate happily suggests a brow pen. She offers Rhoda a chair and proceeds to cleanse her face, while pointing out how dry her skin is, and all the different products she needs to get it in better shape. From there it gets worse. She applies all of these products informing Rhoda that they will help her with her skin "problems". WHAT!!! All Rhoda asked for is help with her brows!

The process continues with foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, and finally brows.

She pulls out eyebrow scissors and snips her brows! Rhoda freaks out! She then gets out the tweezers. Rhoda stops her and says she will take care of it later. She pencils in her now cut brows into uneven arches.

Rhoda leaves feeling sticky from the foundation and unhappy with the uneven brows.

We head home feeling unattractive, but good about our purchases. (Mom says Rhoda looks fake and older)!

We feel like we are bearing our souls for you!

We clean up, do our makeup and dress like we would on a normal shopping day. We head to a different department store where we again head for the shoe department. On our way we are complimented on our hairstyles and color. Gail trys on shoes in the clearance department. An associate soon comes over and asks if we need help, and compliments us on our hairstyles, and Gail's choice on shoes.

Gail makes her purchase and we head for the makeup counters, receiving a compliment on our hairstyles by another shopper.

We browse the counters and are soon greeted by an associate, asking how she may assist us. Rhoda says she would like to find the perfect shade of red lipstick. The associate is very gracious and trys to meet Rhoda's lipstick needs. She compliments us on our hairstyles and suggest we try a different brand.

We do as suggested and head to a different counter, where we are greeted and Rhoda repeats her request. The associate also trys to find the perfect shade. Unsuccessful, she suggests a different brand. She walks us to yet another counter and informs the associate of Rhoda's request. She readily agrees and proceeds in finding the right shade of red. Associates from two other counters bring their brand over, making suggestions for the perfect red. Rhoda finds the perfect shade in a long wearing gloss and makes her purchase.

We walk through the mall and receive a few more compliments on our hairstyles. While making a purchase Gail is asked if she is a hairstylist, and she shares with them about her Image Consulting Business. We make a few more purchases and head back to the Cosmetic department.

Gail sees a lip look she likes and makes her request. The friendly associate isn't able to find the product behind her counter and offers to check for the lip color in the stock room. She returns, apologizes for not having the product, and suggest a similiar shade. Gails trys it and discovers she has a similiar shade at home. We thank her and leave the mall feeling good about ourselves and our purchases.

We prove, as we believe, that when you are dressed your best you are treated with respect, get better service, feel confident, and have less missed opportunities.
That may not be the way it should be, but we are judged on our appearance whether we like it or not!

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