My niece Brooke is remixing a denim skirt I found on the Wal-Mart clearance rack for $3.

A simple tank top, necklace, and flat strappy sandals is an easy, breezy outfit.
She adds a denim jacket (in a denim that does NOT match the skirt, to avoid the "denim suit" look) for added personality.

Skirt - Wal-Mart, Tank Top and Sandals - Thrifted, Leggings - Justice, Jacket - Gabriel Brothers, Necklace and Earrings - Gift

Brooke is wearing a fitted dress as a shirt, by tucking it into her skirt, making it a very versatile piece in her wardrobe.
She adds a sweatshirt that's tailored more like a jacket making it a little less sporty.

Jacket - Pac Sun, Dress (worn as shirt) - F21, Shoes - Gabriel Brothers

Go forth and conquer that closet this weekend! I'm sure you have way more outfits in there than you think.
Happy Saturday!!!

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Emerald said...

First of all, she's adorable. Second, that skirt is awesome. One of my favorite dresses is from Walmart. Little fashionista in the making!