Celebrate You

Yesterday I spent the day running errands, one which included seeing Gail off, to go back to Florida. Sorry we don't have any pictures. She was only here for a short time and was not feeling well.

This is honestly about the easiest and most comfortable outfit there is. I do love a graphic tee, and, these shorts, LOVE the fit! I'm always looking for fuller cut shorts that flatter the junk in the trunk, yep, there is quite a bit of that. Bless Jennifer Lopez for making it cool!
Ok, I'm gonna go there...I used to hate my curvy body growing up and would always try to hide everything by wearing oversized clothing, which I now realize only made me look BIGGER! I have since come to the realization that God shaped me like this because it was perfect, for me. I'm not a model, I don't have long twiggy legs, and the perfect flat stomach. After all, my intestines need somewhere to go. My legs may have lumps, my eyebrows don't arch the same, my one eye is smaller than the other, but, I can honestly tell you, I LOVE every part of me exactly the way it is! Why? Because, again, it's perfect, for me!

Graphic Tee (Mother's Day Gift), Cardigan, and Shorts - Express, Earrings - Lane Bryant,
Bracelet - Made it myself, Sandals - Aldo

Celebrate Yourself!!! Give yourself a compliment, you deserve it!
Go forth and be the person God created you to be!

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