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Shirt and Dress - Express, Earrings - Gift (Made by a client),  Necklaces - H&M and Forever 21,
Bracelet - Made it myself, Shoes - Colin Stuart (VS)

Client Closet of the Month will be here in September 2011!
I have had quite a few requests to see client before and after's, what I do in their closets and the outfits I put together for them. While I would never ask client's to do before and after's I am asking them to do a shoot for me with outfits I put together while "shopping" in their closet.
So, if you are in my local area and are an established client of mine (meaning you have been to the studio for a consultation on Fit, I have "shopped" in your closet, or have shopped with/for you) I NEED YOU!
HERE IS THE PROPOSAL FOR YOU...I will spend two hours in your closet at no cost to you ($140 value) in exchange for you posing in 6 - 10 outfits for my Facebook page and blog. Client Closet of the Month will then be born! Shoot me an email, leave a message here, send me a text, or call me and I will get you on my schedule. I am looking forward to this!!!
email - rhoda@rigandco.com, text - 330-231-5859, call me - 330-893-4902

If you are not local and would like to participate, let me know and I would be happy to include you if and when I am in your area.

Here are the rules:
This will be based on a first response basis. I will schedule out 6 months at a time. Therefore the first six clients to respond will be on for the next six months starting in September 2011. The month I schedule you in will depend on my schedule as well as yours. These appointments wiil be done on weekdays only. If you are on my schedule and need to cancel for any reason the next person on the waiting list will have the option of taking your appointment. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Happy, Happy Friday!

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