Dress - Lane Bryant, Cardigan - Express, Earrings and Bracelet - Wendell August (local store),
Shoes - Aldo

This is simple and elegant at it's best. A sheath dress and cardigan is really the quickest way to look put together, with no thought process involved. (Karen's perfect wardrobe!)
The number one thing I hear from clients is this; I want to look good without having to think about it to much. Well, this is one way to do it! One the other hand, looking good does take some time. But, once you have a basic wardrobe that fits well and compliments your personality and lifestyle there is less to think about and it simplifies your life.
During a 4 hour shop a client says to me "I didn't know looking effortless took this much effort!" Priceless! Since then she has mentioned how it has simplied getting dressed in the morning due to that initial shopping trip. 
Spend some time in your closet, don't overthink it, and have some fun with it! 

Happy Friday!!!

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