Natural Overexposure

I didn't need any extra equipment for my pictures to be overexposed yesterday. The noon sun certainly was bright.
 It was an excellent last day to hang out with my kids before school started. Today I shall throw a party and only invite myself. You know, just to celebrate what all the wonderful teachers do for our children! (And to celebrate being by myself in the office, the free babysitting for the next nine months, etc...you get the picture)

Shirt and Vest - Express, Skirt and Silver Bracelets - NY&CO, Earrings - Lane Bryant,
Necklace - Made it myself, Glass Bracelets - Runway Rags Boutique (local store), Sandals - Aldo, Handbag - Macy's.
For those of you sending your kids off to school this week, have an extra coffee, chocolate, or whatever you want really!

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