She's back...

Congratulations to Gail! Here is the reason she has not been posting for the past few months. She has either been on the couch, bed, or hanging over the commode. Poor thing! This is not what a pregnancy should be, right?!
Unfortunately, you won't be seeing too many cute maternity outfits due to her not leaving the house much. In her words "a big comfortable shirt and underwear is all I need right now." (We all have those days)
She will start posting again when she feels better. Praying that will be SOON!

Dress and Scarf - Express, Vest - Marshall's, Belt and Sandals - Ross

Camisole and Belt - Limited, Dress - Francesca's, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Bracelet - NY&CO,
Watch - Michael Kors, Sandals - Aldo

I have been in Florida for two weeks and have not got to spend too much time with Gail due to her not feeling well. This too shall pass. Our kids sure are having a blast being together though.

I have not been posting the last few days either, mostly because I've been in my bathing suit the whole time. It's been a wonderful vacation!

Happy Monday! May your week be sunny!

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