Sucked In

 Tee - Disney store, Jacket and Shorts - Express, Earrings - don't remember, Bracelets - H&M and Charlotte Russe,
Shoes - Sperry, Sunglasses - Gap

So being at Disney, I got sucked into the consumer buying of all things Disney, and ended up with a Mickey Mouse shirt, which is so NOT me. I wanted a vintage looking one, and of course my favorite was in the men's section and was entirely too big. I opted for this one instead. So tell me, can character tees be cool or are they just juvenile?

As for my shoes, you are thinking one of three things...#1 I love that Sperry's are back in style. They are comfortable, sporty, and cool, and you already own three pair like my friend Jen. #2 Hmm, do I really like those. Perhaps they could grow on me. I might wear them if it's with the right outfit (This is me). #3 Or you are like Gail and say "What?! I would not be caught dead in those!" (I love her) Whichever category you fit into, remember, it's always ok just to be you!

May your day be filled with laughter!

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