Don't judge a shirt on the hanger

Say hello to my client and dear friend Amy. Last week I was in her closet, wardrobing (a service where I am in your closet for however long you want me to be, making lots of "new" outfits of what you already have), when I pulled out this shirt dress we purchased while shopping together. When I originally popped into the fitting room with it she looked at me like I was crazy! My response "don't judge it on the hanger".

It was her idea to show you how drastically different you can make an article of clothing look by simply adding layers and accessories. So here is the shirt by itself. Not very flattering!

Ta-da! Here is the shirt all dressed up! Very flattering and super cute!

Shirt Dress - Limited, Jacket - Loft, Belt, Leggings and Earrings - Forever 21, Sandals - DSW

Amy, thanks for sharing. You are awesome!

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