Preppy neon and pearls

Plaid Shirt - AE, Skirt - Loft, Belt - NY&CO, Earrings - Lane Bryant, Bracelets - H&M and Wet Seal, Necklace - Made it myself, Sandals - Steve Madden

Preppy is definitely not me but for some reason I loved this plaid shirt. A sporty dresser (like my friend Jen, who also has the same shirt) will wear this shirt with jeans and flats. I on the other hand prefer to girly it up and make it a bit more dramatic. So the question is...which way is right? Both! It's simply about taking an article of clothing and making it your own. When you get dressed ask yourself the question...Does this look like me and do I feel pretty? If you feel good in what you are wearing it doesn't matter whether your best friend or sister likes it, it matters whether it's a reflection of you!

Go forth and be the best you! Because nobody can ever be a better you!

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