Patrick Burns goes from Harley to Hot!

Wilma Mast organized a Night of Transformation at NewPointe Community Church for the 100+ mentors there. Patrick, who is one of the lead mentors, was asked (and so graciously accepted) to be the guest of honor as an example of spiritual transformation. To make the night even more fun Patrick was asked if he would be willing to undergo a physical transform also!  That is where I was called in to help. 

Here is his "BEFORE".

I was asked to transform Patrick's wardrobe for the evening. I met with him prior, to get an idea of what style he likes. I shopped, he tried on, he looked great! 

 Autumn from Dexterity cut 10 inches of his hair off, colored it a wonderful neutral brown, making him look 15 years younger!

Patrick has undergone supernatural inner transformation through the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Patrick parties in celebration of his new life, everyday.

Myself, Patrick, and Wilma

Patrick and Wilma

Patrick has become a friend. He is a gentle and kind individual who loves Jesus Christ and people.

Don't you love that clean neckline!

Patrick's shirt and jeans are from Express, shoes are from DSW.

May you be open to transformation, whether spiritual or physical, and may the Son always shine on you!

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