More Classic Pants

Dawn wears her denim shirt again, with dress pants (Loft)! Who would have thought?!
Doing a tan or camel pair of dress pants is usually a lot more flattering than traditional khaki pants (and a lot less manly).

Simplicity with color. A bright "tee" (NY&CO) and a cardigan (Express) is quite possibly the easiest outfit to put together. Take any bright tank or tee and layer with a neutral cardigan (gray, camel, black, white, etc...). Add a scarf (NY&CO) and accessories (Some Dawn has had in her closet forever) to make it feel like you.

This sounds cliche', but, feeling pretty in your clothes will make you feel better about yourself. After every outfit I put together for Dawn, I would ask "Do you feel pretty in this and will you wear this outfit?" If the response was no, it did not get it's picture taken.

Rock out to being yourself!

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