Miss Kylie rocks her fur vest

Lately all of her outfits have been in inspired by Victoria Justice and the girls from Shake It Up.

Long Sleeve Tee - her mom's, Sparkle Tank Top, Fur Vest, and Jeans - Justice, Boots - Payless.

It's great to watch Kylie's style evolve as she gets older. There is something to be said for letting your daughter pick her own clothes (within reason, and of course, age appropriate), because your style may not be her style. What makes you feel pretty and confident doesn't mean it will do the same for her. Trust me, I'm talking from experience. Giving your daughter clothing/style choices will create a more confident individual.

May your day be beautiful!


secretfashionlove said...

So young and so Beautiful.

Love S.

Clara Turbay said...

so cute girl!