Changing my story, changing my world…not my normal post

Everyone is still talking about New year’s resolutions…I know I’m a bit late on the subject but I have been wanting to share this for awhile (in 2011, actually) but haven’t out of… A – Simply not taking time to write this  B. Fear of appearing “holier than thou” (that is not my intention) C. Fear that I would mess up and have to tell you (yep, it’s called accountability).

At the end of 2010 New Pointe Community Church (where I attend) challenged us to make a difference in the lives of the people around us and our world by giving above and beyond our tithes in 2011. I immediately knew what I had to do (as God had been preparing me in previous months). I was to give my clothing budget for the entire year (with the exception of making one purchase per month, or if I had gift or rewards cards). If you know me, God could not have asked me to make a greater sacrifice.

In 2011 I learned more about myself and my “stuff” than I have in a long time. I have never fought self-control like I did last year. I have never thought so long and hard before making a purchase. “Do I really need it?” “How many different ways can I wear this?” “Is this really what I want as my purchase of the month?” On and on the process went.

The blessings and rewards are too many to tell. I have never had so many gift cards and rewards cards in my life. I was blessed with gift cards from friends and clients as thank-you's or gifts, and they had no idea that I was doing this. I get store rewards cards from using my credit cards when I shop for clients (I’ve always considered this a perk of my job). I don’t think I’ve ever shopped as much for client’s as I did last year, therefore ending up with a ton of rewards cards, which resulted in “free” clothes. I had a client hand me $250 worth of rewards cards saying she just wants me to have them (she had no idea what she was giving me)! I had a store register keep telling the associate I owed nothing when I should have owed about $5 that wasn’t covered with the rewards card. I would find things (that I loved) on sale for $8 when I would only have a $10 rewards card. Trust me, I could go on and on.

So why did I do it? 1- Because God asked me to. 2- I needed/wanted to remind myself that there is something bigger and greater than myself to live for. 3- I wanted to change my story and my world.

What did I learn from this? 1- When you make a promise to your Heavenly Father you’re not likely to break it! 2- That life is not about me! 3- To celebrate every little blessing and “kiss” from Jesus every day. 4- That my closet held way more clothes and accessories than I thought. 5- I have more self-contol than before. 6- Contentment.

Below are my purchases of 2011. 

 Express Coat - Mostly because I needed a coat.
 Michael Kors belt from Macy's - The only thing I bought while I was in NYC. I know, I can't believe it either!
Express Blazer - Love white (you can wear with everything) and couldn't wait to wear it in the spring.
 Aldo Sandals - Had been dreaming of a pair of blue sandals.
 Michael Kors Watches - Loved the white one so much I bought the silver/gold one as well.
2 Dresses and a Jacket from Zara - I didn't shop for 3 months so I could shop for a few things while I was on vacation.
Sperry's - Love them? Hate them? I love them. Hubby hates them.
Michael Kors Handbag - Probably my favorite purchase of the year.
 Velvet Blazer from VS - This was my final purchase of the year.

Thanks for reading and here's to an amazing 2012!
Hugs, Rhoda



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