Not the look I was going for

Dress - Francesca's, Jacket and Earrings - Express, Tights - Hue, Watch and Handbag - Michael Kors, Boots - Aldo, Scarf - H&M

I wore this a couple weeks ago for a day of shopping for clients. Super comfy with a pop of color.
I walk into the men's department of Macy's and am greeted by a stare from the young gentleman working the suit department. Followed by "Awesome hair and great outfit." I respond with "thanks." And he continues "Do you play Nintendo?" "No, I'm not a gamer." "Do you listen to hip hop?" "No, I'm more of a pop girl." "Do you dance hip hop?" "No, I do not." After a few more interesting questions he says "Well, you just look like a nintendo playing, hip hop girl." What???!!!
I wanted to go home and change.. So was I getting hit on or did he just like my hair and outfit?! Because obviously this thirty something doesn't know the difference.. haha

Have a super Friday!


Tiffany Elam said...

I love that you're wearing colored tights. I've never been brave enough to try them. I generally stick with variations of opaque black- so daring lol. Thanks for the comment!!


Mary said...

I love that jacket! Looks so good on you!

thebeatniq said...

Your tights and dress are great! Love it.

menina elegante said...

Beautiful dress! You look just beautiful! x

LV said...

You look great! The guy was actually giving you a compliment. That was his way of saying you looked hip and sassy. Not a bad compliment at all!