cheetah scarf, ripped jeans and a curvy backside

Why did I post a picture of my backside, you ask? Well, I wanted to show you how fabulous these jeans fit my curvy bum, and trust me I have not always been this comfortable and confident about my curvy backside. As a kid I was water balloon butt, among other not so pleasant names for you tushy. Therefore I always covered it up, trying to hide it. Since then I have become much more confident with my body shape and actually really love it. Is it perfect? No. Does it have lumps and bumps? Yes. Is it created in God's image? Yes! Good enough for me. 
My sister, Marilyn says "it doesn't matter so much what the contents are shaped like as long as they have a great container." These jeans, my friend, are a great container. If you are curvy and have problems with your jeans gapping in the back, order these beauties and let them create a fabulous tush for you as well!
This is not a paid advertisement, just me wanting to pass on what I love. :)

Thanks for reading and have a most fabulous day!

Tank Top - Target
Jacket - H&M
Ring - Homespun Treasures (local store)
Earrings - AE
Scarf - Express
Shoes - Ross
Sunglasses - BCBG Max Azria


Anonymous said...

you have great style i love everything you wear ;-)

Abbey Brandon said...

I love you sunnies! Very chic.

xo, Abbey

Emily said...

love the scarf!

Marissa Saunders said...

Thanks for the sweet comment. I love your blog and I'm now following. I look forward to seeing more outfit posts. ;)

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Emerald said...

love these jeans!