from the studio to the greenhouse...

I work by appointment only so my day can consist of working at the studio for a few hours, a client's closet, shopping with clients, errands or at the home office, etc... So I like outfits that can easily transition depending on my day.
 This day I worked at the studio with a great group of girls and their mentors from Pal Mission and from there went tree shopping for my niece's wedding. I dressed up a pair of shorts and then simply took off the vest, some accessories and switched my shoes for an afternoon at the greenhouse.

Shirt - Zara
Vest - Forever 21
Bracelet and Shorts - Loft
Watch - Michael Kors
Ring - Homespun Treasures (local store)
Earrings - Express
Wedge Shoes - Charlotte Russe
Shoes - Sperry's

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