makeup - before and after

Give a shout out to Heidi who so graciously is allowing me to use her face on our blog. I worked with her in NYC a few weeks ago and am finally posting her pictures. 

Heidi has never worn a lot of makeup for fear of looking to made up and like she's trying to cover up her freckles. I love that she doesn't want to hide her freckles as it suits her and that is how God made her. I gave her a simple routine that fits her personality and sporty lifestyle.

We started with a sheer foundation (Mineral Sheer Tint) to even out her skin tone without looking heavily made up. To further even out and brighten her skin we used Mineral Photo Touch Concealer.
To darken up her brows and frame her eyes beautifully we applied a light application of Brow Tint in Blonde.
Heidi has the most amazing "piercing" turquoise eyes I have ever seen and does not need much makeup to make them stand out. Two neutral shades of Mineral Shadow  was applied along with Eyeliner in Bark and finished with two coats of SuperWear Mascara.
Micro-Bubble Lipstick in Sunberry adds a fun pop of color to finish her entire look.  

Heidi, thank you so much for allowing me not only to work with you but to post your before and after pictures. You are beautiful!

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Skinny said...

Really like your lip color