Client Closet of the Month - Couple's Style

Client Closet of the Month is where an established client receives a complimentary 2 hour Closet Shopping Service in exchange for her/him posing in outfits I put together of what they already have in their closet.

Say hello to Matt and Sara who are busy parents of two young, active boys. Matt is a Supply Chain Manager with a local Fortune 500 company while Sara is employed at New Pointe Community Church. Matt is also a band member of the New Pointe worship team, making him an executive by day and rock star by night. (Yes, I  really wanted to say that.) Therefore he needs a business professional wardrobe plus a casual wardrobe that reflects his personality and lifestyle.
Sara loves shopping and fashion but said her outfits need to "make sense", and as always I want her to have a wardrobe that does that while complimenting her personal style. 

OK seriously, could these two be any cuter?! 

Suit and Shirt - Express
Tie - Kohl's
Shoes - DSW
Matt looks sophisticated and polished in his suit. 

Men, pay attention to the fit of your suit jacket, keep the pleats off the pants, and make so you have one "bend" in your leg-line with the hem laying on top of your shoe. 
Now... I know the trend may be to wear your pants shorter but let's all just admit it simply looks like you're wearing "high waters" making you appear shorter, all of which I think is rather unmanly. There, now you know how I feel about that.

Dress - Limited
Shoes - Macy's
Necklace - Express
Clutch Bag - Coach
Sara looks amazing in her perfect little black dress, one she could wear so many different ways, and I know that she will. Having a dress such as this is priceless.

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