Client Closet of the Month - Couple's Style, day 5

Client Closet of the Month is where an established client receives a complimentary 2 hour Closet Shopping Service in exchange for her/him posing in outfits I put together of what they already have in their closet.

Tee and Jeans - Express
Shirt - AE
Shoes - DSW
Matt in a tee, button up and jeans, a great look for playing in the band at New Pointe Community Church.

Tee - Loft
Jeans - Express
Jacket - Old Navy
Shoes - Target
Sara looks like a sporty mom-on-the-go. Having a great fitting tee and jeans is just as comfortable as a tee and sweats but doesn't look like you have given up on life. Yes, I just said it and you are welcome to disagree with me.
 However, remember the Seinfeld episode where George always wore sweatpants? (I attached it below to jog your memory) Well I was the girl who always wore sweatpants until this episode and the hubby told me that I was George. Harsh, but true. And now I thank him for it and do not own sweatpants and you will never see me in them. Ever. The end. ~ Rhoda

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