tips on styling your family photo shoot

Does the idea of having your family pictures taken strike fear in your heart; wondering if the kids will be on their best behavior? Stress; because nobody has anything great to wear? Just plain and simple freaking out? 
Well here a few tips on styling your family's photo shoot and hopefully relieve some your stress. The kids behavior I can't help you with. I have my own to deal with. Sorry.

Be creative, interesting and detailed.
Gone are the days of being matchy-matchy; the goal is to have everyone compliment each other. Family photos will have a lot more depth and interest when you add texture and layers. 

With a family of six there is more thought process involved as you obviously have more people to dress. I wanted to give this family a style and "feel" to their photos that truly reflects who they are.

 I started by going through the family's closets and choosing a complimentary color theme and then adding pattern and neutrals. Pay attention to the small details; notice the polka dots and stripes throughout the picture. This creates a uniform look and is pleasing to the eye. Depth is created in this photo by adding lots of texture and layers.

Styled by Rhoda of Rig & Co.  Photo by A. Kline Photography

Be bold. 
Pick rich, bright colors to add fun to your photos and color to your complexion.
I chose four different colors for interest and only one pattern for a pop. 

Styled by Rhoda of Rig & Co.  Photo by A. Kline Photography

Stand out.
Have one person be the "stand-out" in your photos. Picking a pattern such as a stripe, animal print or polka dot will help you create this look. 

This family is mostly in neutrals and muted colors and the "stand-out" is created by adding a bold stripe to one individual. Small patterns in a few strategic places help create balance and interest. 

Styled by client. Photo by A. Kline Photography

Stand out.
Another example of using one person as the "stand-out" in your photo's. This was created by doing a stripe and bold color combination while keeping everyone else in complimentary colors and tones. 

You could also have your "stand-out" person wear a solid, bright color while everyone else wears a pattern. It's a fun way to mix things up and pull your look together. 

Styled by Rhoda of Rig & Co.  Photo by A. Kline Photography

Remember, it's about having fun and making it you!

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