5 day trip with a carry-on only

How is it possible to pack for a 5 day trip with a carry-on only you ask.

Ever since the airlines started making you pay to check a bag I have gotten very creative and a minimalist when traveling. You can look fantastic without taking everything but the kitchen sink. 
Ok, here are my tips...

#1 Check the weather for your destination (obviously) and then start by picking outfits that will mix and match. I take snapshots with my phone as this helps me visualize where I'm at and how much I am using each piece. (examples below) It's also great when you arrive at your destination and are trying to remember why you packed what you did.

#2 Roll every single piece of clothing and pack into Space To Go bags, quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. This will give you about a third more space in your suitcase. It will also keep everything dry in case of a spill. This gives you plenty of room for everything and still leaves room for a little shopping.
I pack the same way if I'm packing a larger suitcase to check in.

 I always carry my liquids in my large handbag so I don't have to open my suitcase when going through security.

Here are the outfits I packed...

Travel Day...
I most always pick leggings or stretchy jeans when traveling in the winter since it's like wearing pj's but still stylish. I'm very minimal on accessorizing when traveling and pick one cross body bag that will go with everything and tuck it into my large bag.
Top - Loft
Cardigan - Gap
Leggings and Scarf - Express
Handbag - street vendor
Boots - Keen c/o Swiss Village Bulk

Day 2...
I love packing knits as this requires no ironing upon arrival.
Dress and Scarf - Express
Cardigan - Village Gift Barn (local store)
Necklace - vintage 
Tights - Hue
Boots - Guess from Macy's
Handbag - Zara

Day 3...
Dress - H&M
Jacket - Forever 21
Scarf - street vendor
Leggings - Express
Boots - Guess from Macy's

Day 4...
Sweater - Forever 21
Scarf - Charming Charlie
Boots - Guess from Macy's
Handbag - Zara

Return Travel Day...
Long Sleeve Tee and Jeans Limited (re-using jeans from day 4)
Cardigan - Gap (re-using from travel day 1)
Scarf and Handbag - street vendor (re-using scarf from day 3)
Boots - Guess from Macy's (were my everyday boots)

The extra outfit I never wore...
I always pack an extra outfit just in case. To create this extra outfit all I packed was a denim skirt and a striped long sleeve tee as I already had all the other pieces in my suitcase.
Long Sleeve Tee - Limited
Skirt and Leggings - Express (re-using leggings from travel day 1)
Cardigan - Village Gift Barn (local store) (re-using from day 2)
Scarf - street vendor
Handbag - Zara (was my everyday bag)
Boots - Keen c/o Swiss Village Bulk (re-using from travel day 1)

For my return trip...
I bought a few dress and boots and ended up rolling pieces and tucking them inside the boots (worked just like the space bags) and ended up with just enough room.

I hope this helps when packing for your next trip! Happy traveling!

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