client before and after

Say hello to Sue, my beautiful friend and client who so graciously agreed to do a BEFORE and AFTER for you.
She is an amazing individual who is always laughing and a ton of fun to be around.
Married with 3 grown daughters allows her to enjoy retired life with her husband, which also involves traveling to see her girls and grand kids.

Sue has never been one to wear a lot of makeup or fuss about being too fashionable and trendy. Therefore I wanted to give her an easy, natural makeup routine and a wardrobe that matches her lifestyle and personality. 


I gave Sue a simple and easy routine that will brighten and enhance her features and sparkly eyes.
We used a Mineral Photo Touch Foundation to even out her skin tone and Mineral Photo Touch Concealer to cover any extra spots and lighten dark areas.
Mineral Matte Shadow in two shades and Mascara added color and made her eyes "pop". We completed her look with a red Lipstick. Doesn't she look fantastic?!

Sue's wardrobe mostly consisted of tees, jeans and tennis shoes because she wanted to always be comfortable and just thought "nothing is going to fit me anyway, why bother". (We can all identify, I think) 

Our day of shopping started out trying on under garments as I believe your clothes will fit much better if your undergarments fit well. Notice the difference a great fitting bra in the right size makes. Yes, I just pointed it out. Now off you go for a bra fitting. Hurry. Go. You can thank me later when your "girls" are up and out where they are supposed to be. Need more motivation? It makes your rib cage look slimmer. So go. 
We discovered she loves dramatic colors and patterns, sparkles and jewelry. I could not have been more thrilled. It's amazing what you can wear when you simply give yourself permission. Stop waiting till you are the "perfect" size or shape and have some fun with your clothes!
I still did jeans for Sue since that works for her lifestyle and comfort level. We just did them in a more modern wash and a better fit. What a difference!
We did a suede bootie that she can wear with everything.


This was Sue's dressed up version of jeans.

I gave her a great fitting, dark wash pair of skinny jeans which she never thought she could wear. A fun graphic tee and striped cardigan is a perfect outfit for her.

Her one request was...I would love to be able to wear a pair of tall boots, followed by "but I know that's not a possibility since I wear a leg brace". Well loving a challenge I found boots that fit her leg brace and are still cool. There was lots of dancing in the fitting room at that point in time! Again, it just goes to prove you should stop limiting yourself if you have never tried something.

How should your jeans fit?
Ill fitting jeans with bulky pockets will simply make your tushy look wider and bulkier. 

Great fitting jeans consist of finding a pair that fits your frame well, is a "substantial", denim with a little stretch. Pay attention to your back pockets, they can make or break your tush. Keeping the pockets closer together and going almost straight up and down (as opposed to angling out to the side) will make your tush look smaller and narrower. A dark wash jeans also helps in slimming your legs and tush. Bam, there you have it!

If you know Sue give her a shout out and tell her how fabulous she looks.

Sue, you know I love and appreciate you so much! Thanks again for being my Before and After model.

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