Client Closet of the Month - behind the scenes

Some behind the scenes from this last weeks styling and photo shoot with Jenny, Amber, Kate and Rachel. 
Enjoy :)

Yes, we did lots of laughing and yes, Rachel (on right) is very animated.

Apparently I'm super funny! (love this picture)

The princess is getting tired of posing.

Just me styling while the princess makes faces behind my back. LOL 

Rachel posing Kate into perfection. Apparently actually moving her head works better than giving directions. Smile.

Practice poses. Deciding what their next pose will be. There is a mirror hanging on their front porch which was ideal for this particular part of the day. Yes, it pretty much happened between all outfits. 

Not sure what I was doing but obviously it was funny.

Part of the reason we were always laughing.

And more prepping...and acting...and being annoyed...

Take 1 on the Bond Girl pose...Jenny and Amber may need to lose the smiles.

Thanks girls! I love you all!

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