Client Closet of the Month - March 2013

Client Closet of the Month is where an established client receives a complimentary 2 hour Closet Shopping Service in exchange for her/him posing in outfits I put together of what they already have in their closet.

Say hello to Jenny and her 3 daughters, Amber, Kate and Rachel; 4 of the most beautiful women/girls I know.

Jenny has been a client for a long time. Wanting her daughters to have the same tools and expertise when dressing their individual body shapes she had me work with them as they started into junior high. 

Jenny wanted them to gain confidence, have the education of knowing what styles of clothing work for their changing/growing figures while letting each one celebrate their own style.

Jenny realizes that as their mom she doesn't necessarily need to love their style, she needs to simply allow them to express their individuality with their clothing choices, while keeping it age appropriate. What a wonderful gift a mom can give her daughter/s.

These four beauties will be on here all week sharing outfits with you!

Kate, Jenny, Amber and Rachel

Jenny - Simply Adorable
Shirt - Gap
Skirt - Sears
Necklace and Belt - Limited
Boots - Kohl's 

Amber - 18 years old 
Girly and Eclectic
Shirt and Jeans - Gabriel Brothers
Cardigan - Kohl's
Shoes - Target

Kate - 17 years old
Sweet and Sexy
Tunic and Boots- Charlotte Russe
Cardigan, Leggings and Belt - Wet Seal

Rachel - 15 years old
Dramatic and Spunky
Shirts - Kohl's
Jeans - Wet Seal
Boots - Steve Madden from Marshall's


Katie said...

What a great idea! Love all the outfits you helped them with!

Gail and Rhoda said...

Thank you Katie!!