a week in NYC with only a carry on...

...here are my outfits from last week while working in NYC.
When traveling I pack minimally and plan my outfits strategically so I only need a carry on. The only time this does not apply is when I'm taking a road trip or plan on doing a lot of shopping. Since this trip was strictly for work, I only packed a carry on and still had room for a great jacket I purchased at Zara.

My travel outfit consisted of a striped knit tee, scarf, dark wash jeans and sandals.
Entire outfit (minus the sandals) is from bfearless, a local boutique.

Day 2 in NYC... A slouchy sweater, knit skirt and neutral wedges was an easy yet dressy outfit for an entire work day.
Sweater, Shoes, Bracelets and Earrings - bfearless, Skirt - Express, Necklace - DIY

Day 3... Bright and Fun
Tank Top - Loft, Jacket - Limited. Jeans, Shoes, Bracelets, Necklace and Earrings - bfearless

Day 4... Camo and White
Shirt and Handbag - Zara. Jeans and Accessories - bfearless. Shoes - Converse

Day 5...Stripes and Print
A super comfy outfit for shopping with clients in the city all day.
Top, Jeans and Accessories - bfearless. Shoes - Converse.

Day 6...
Re-using my slouchy sweater, colored jeans and Converse was also great for another day of shopping with clients in the city.
Sweater, Scarf, Jeans and Accessories - bfearless. Shoes - Converse.

Day 7... Traveling home
A lightweight sweater, my white jeans and sandals were perfect for a relaxing morning in the sun and then traveling home.
Sweater - Limited. Jeans and Accessories - bfearless

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