smokey eyes & neutral lips

I decided to do a makeup post and give a few tips on smokey eyes and contouring. All the products I used can be found at http://rigandco.com/.
A smokey eye is really very simple to do but looks dramatic and sexy.

1. Apply dark shadow to the eyelid. I used Ink Mineral Shadow (http://www.rigandco.com/products/Mineral-Shadow.html)

2. Use a light shade for highlighting the brow bone and inside corners of the eye and blend with blending brush. I used Canary Diamond Mineral Shadow (http://www.rigandco.com/products/Mineral-Shadow.html)

3. Apply black eye liner to the upper and lower lash lines. I used Anisette LiquiLiner on the upper (http://www.rigandco.com/products/LiquiLiner.html) and Coal Powderliner Pencil (http://www.rigandco.com/products/Powderliner-Pencils.html) on the lower. I like a liquid liner to do wing eyeliner and the powder liner works great to blend on the lower lash.

4. Apply two coats of mascara. I love my SuperWear Mascara (http://www.rigandco.com/products/SuperWear-Mascara.html), it is both very waterproof and has an easy to apply thin brush especially for shorter lashes.

5. I am in love with the Contour Powder Duo in First Crush 
(http://www.rigandco.com/products/Contour-Powder-Duo.html). I use the brown for contouring under the cheekbones and the pink for my blush. The Angled Blush Brush (http://www.rigandco.com/products/Angled-Blush-Brush.html) works great to apply these.

6. For the lips I did the Rose Color Stick (http://www.rigandco.com/products/Color-Stick-for-Lips-.html), I love the color sticks because they are very easy to apply and feel more like a chapstick than a lipstick. When doing a dark eye, a lighter or nude lip makes your eyes look more dramatic.

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