it's officially Fall...

When I pulled out my dark green jeans and a sweater I felt like it was truly Fall. I think I'm ready for sweaters, leggings, and layers. 
I love wearing layers and really don't mind wearing a lot of them. If you tend to be claustrophobic or have hot flashes too many layers probably aren't for you. Just saying...
I hope you have a marvelous day!

Polka Dots
Sweater and Earrings - bfearless (local boutique)
Jeans - Limited
Bracelets - street vendor
Scarf - local dollar store
Handbag - Dooney & Bourke from Macy's

Picnic Checks
Shirt - Madewell
Jeans - Limited
Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets, and Shoes - bfearless (local boutique)
Watch - Michael Kors

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