Happy New Year!

An outfit I wore for a party over the Holidays.
This is me still smiling after I realized I just stepped into dog poop (yes, you can see it on my shoes). When there is a lot of snow the dog poops on the patio so he can rush back in. Well the snow had melted, it was raining and the poop was extra squishy when I stepped in it. Do you want more of a visual? Lol.

This makes me think of life...
Do we keep smiling after we've "stepped into a pile of poop" or do we throw in the towel because now everything smells and we end up having a bad day?
Do we step right outside the door, "take a crap" and hope somebody else steps in it, possibly ruining their day? 
Well I think if you're a "crapper" you should re-think your attitude.
If you're the person that has their day ruined because of a little "poop" you might want to lighten up and enjoy life more.
If you keep smiling in spite of a little "poop", keep it up, because you will always get "poop" in your life no matter who you are. Life is more about your attitude and reactions than the actual situations and circumstances.

Well there are my thoughts for the new year. I hope you make yours great. I certainly am planning on it!

Top, Bracelets and Ring - Bfearless (local boutique)
Skirt - Express
Earrings - Charming Charlie
Tights - Hue
Handbag - Forever 21
Shoes - Steve Madden from Marshall's

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