Client Closet of the Month is here!

Client Closet of the Month is where a client receives a complimentary 2 hour Closet Shopping service in exchange for her/him posing in 7-10 outfits I put together of what they already have in their closet.

Say hello to Wilma. She is an amazing person and client who I have gotten to know and love. Fun and laughs are always to be had when I am with her and it was no different when I was in her closet last week. She will be making an appearance all week. Enjoy!!!

My name is Wilma Mast and Rig @ Co (Rhoda specifically) has completely transformed my entire look.  What I love about the transformation is that I have been transformed to the look I always wanted, but didn’t know how to create.  Rhoda has simply helped me to figure out how to be a better (much better) me. 

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