The Wilma I know

I think this outfit is a perfect reflection of Wilma's personality. Bright, fun, and gets noticed!

When I first bought this cardigan for Wilma she hated it, but wore it because she trusts me. Smile. We have come to the conclusion she hated it because it was paired with a print, for a professional occasion. So of course I had to get her to love it. Pairing it with some of the great brights in her closet made her look at it and say, "Now I love it!" Mission accomplished! (you will see it again later in the week)

I want to point out her amazing gold bracelet! It's actually a necklace she bought in the eighties! Gasp!!! We simply looped it around her wrist twice, fastened it, and presto, the perfect bracelet. I wanted to sneak it home with me since I have been looking for something similar and have yet to find one with a  price tag that still let's me eat the next week. I guess it goes to show sometimes it a good thing to hang onto things for a few decades. Did I just say that?!

Rhoda certainly had a challenge with me.  I am a very busy wife, mother, pastor, clinical counselor and student.  As a wife and mother I love comfort.  As a pastor I need a diverse wardrobe and making a good first impression is always important to me.  As a counselor I need a very conservative wardrobe.  As a student and when I am hanging out with friends I want sequins and animal prints, the more the better.

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