Chunky Pearl Necklace...How to make your own

For those of you who have been asking how I made this necklace, here are your directions.

 I made this necklace for a client using her old pearls and gold chains.
I started with 3 old pearl necklaces (that I re-strung on elastic thread) and 2 gold chains.
Lay them out and center all peices.
Tie a knot in the center using all peices. 
Continue doing so on both sides of of your center knot...
...until most of your pearls have been used up. Don't get frustrated while knotting all pieces together. There was a few times I had to re-do it.
To "finish" the ends of your pearls; lace and knot the chain through the pearls until you like the final effect. Remember, it's not about having a "perfect" piece but rather a creative one.
Ta-Da! Your new necklace!
Have fun and enjoy!

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