A new week, a bright new start...

Denim Shirt - Madewell, Corduroy Jeans - Gap, Sleeveless Trench - Forever 21, Earrings - AE, Necklace - Thrifted, Bracelets - Berlin Village Gift Barn (local store), Handbag - Michael Kors, Shoes - Ross

A new week equals a new start. Last week I was insanely busy, at the studio, doing several events, and shopping with clients. My first instinct was to just try and make it through the week. On day number two I decided nobody (including myself) benefits from this attitude. Instead, I chose to celebrate everything I had going on, and everyone I had the priviledge of working with. My week could not have been better! I truly love my job and feel incredibly blessed!

I hope your week rocks!


Jen S. said...

ooo I love your red pants!!


Vanessa said...

I love those pants paired with the neutral colors! You are really rocking this look!