our trip through Central Park

A highlight of the trip was our tour through Central Park in a pedicab. 
So, I thought Central Park would be nice but I was not prepared for it's extravagant beauty and the emotions it evoked. Absolutely amazing and breathtaking. 

Love these girls.

An easy outfit of printed pants, denim jacket and Converse for another day of walking.

Miriam rocks polka dots, brights, and studded shoes.

Mary in a bright, fun top and jeans from Maurices.

Our driver, tour guide, photographer and now friend, Zlatan. If you are in the NYC area or planning to visit, find this man or call him (212-729-8831) for a tour through Central Park. You won't be disappointed.  

This describes our trip perfectly.

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Lena Schlabach said...

Looks like had a blast! So colorful.