my "leather" pants

I have always wanted a pair of leather pants but since I don't want to spend that kind of money I chose a pair of faux leather pants. 
And here is my review on those  "leather" pants. I tried to pick a pair that looks like real leather. However, when I wear them they certainly don't feel real! There is very little stretch in them; therefore every time I sit down or bend over the waistband slides right down over my tush and I end up with the crotch halfway to my knee. I know, great visual, right. So I end up pulling up my pants the entire night. 
I have worn them a few times and try to wear them with a longer shirt so you can't see the minute they slide down. Is it worth it? Still trying to decide.
So here is my idea...If you want leather looking pants try a pair of coated jeans such as these or these
Thanks for stopping by and have a super weekend!

Tee and Handbag - Express
Pants - Zara
Cardigan - Village Gift Barn (local store)
NecklaceRig & Co.
Bracelets - street vendor
Boots - Marshall's

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