spots, color and re-invention

A knit dress I have had in my closet for about 3 years. I loved the dress but didn't wear it much due to it having a lot of sequins and trim on the shoulders, making it "fancier" and harder to wear with a cardigan or jacket.
So the other week I pulled out a seam ripper and scissors and in about half an hour I had a new black, less fancy, knit dress that I will wear all the time.

Have you eve re-invented an article of clothing by making simple changes?

Dress, Leggings and Earrings - Express
Scarf - Charming Charlie
Cardigan - Necessary Clothing
Bracelets - Loft and street vendor
Boots - Aldo

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Christa said...

Yes, in the past year or so, inspired by bloggers. It does help a clothing item to be used more often. I may try and recreate this look for my outfit today! Looking great as always.