a cute baby belly

Say hello to Carol, who showed up at my house looking ridiculously cute with her 29 week little baby belly.

She so graciously posed for me so I could show you what a simple little outfit like this can do for you. It's what I call "one-stop" dressing; you pop a dress and some accessories on and off you go. Ok, I will be honest; she showed up in flip flops and we decided that was just too simple for the picture so on went a pair of my sandals. It's a heel height Carol would feel comfortable in while she's pregnant when not doing flip flops or flats.

If you are thinking; why in the world did I not look this cute when I was preggo, well, then you are thinking the same thing I am. Hmm...maybe I should have eaten less Ho Ho's and Twinkies....

Carol, you look marvelous and thank you for sharing with us!

Dress and Belt - Target
Earrings - Express
Sandals - Born

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